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5.Myoukoukougen Matsuri Taiko

The piece expresses the vivid image of the Myoko Highland through Taiko drums.
It was composed so that anyone participating in the festivals held
in various regions can play it while gaining familiarity with Taiko drums.

4.Gensou Yukimoyou

This tune depicts Myoko Highland’s unique winter scenery and snow patterns with Taiko drums and instruments that imitate nature sounds.

The piece reflects snow patterns, from softly falling snow flakes to heavy snow fall that finally stops and leaves behind a snow covered scenery, an which gives people relief and energy. As the piece comes to its climax the snowfall in the mountains d towns turns into a raging blizzard.
Before long the blizzard settles and leaves behind a white landscape of mountains and trees. The piece ends as the winter draws to a close.

Instruments and the images they convey

Each instrument depicts the following scene:
Dora (Gong)                   The silently darkening landscape

Instruments imitating nature sounds The sound of the raging wind

Wooden clappers       The jarring sound of snow and the sound of

snow falling down violently

Bell                              The falling snow

Shinobue (Japanese transverse flute)  The cold of the snow country

Myoukousan Bayashi


This tune transmits the image of young men dancing so lively to the rhythm of Taiko drums at the foot of the grand Mount Myoko,

that they forget the evening is wearing on.


Seiryuu Taiko incorporates the sound of streams fed by melting snow in spring,
the Naena water fall’s falling water and small birds chirping in the highlands.

These sounds were adapted to the rhythm of Taiko drums.

1. JiraiyaTaiko
A long time ago, the son of the wealthy family OgataSyouma used sorcery taught to him by Sensodoujin living in Echigo Mount Myoko
and became Jiraiya. Resembling Robin Hood,
he stole money and goods from villains and distributed them to poor farmers.

“Jiraiya” recollects the courage of Jiraiya who acted in the environs of the grand Myoko and Kurohime Mountains.
It weaves the characteristic tones of different Taiko drums into one piece
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