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Shuminsen Taiko Ensemblees History

{Rەۑ@The founding of Shumisen Taiko Ensemble @{Rەۑ

{R May, 1975: The first Kayabayaki Festival is held in Myoko Highlands
and the creation of a Taiko Group in the backdrop of the towering Mount Myoko is suggested.

June 16th , 1975: The first constituting meeting of the Taiko Ensemble is held.

Main groups
Myoko Highlands Tourism Association
Board of Education
Tourism Association of the town and districts
Commerce and Industry Department of the town
Youth Club
Womenfs Group
Ryokan (Japanese inn) Association of the districts

Supporting groups
Villagefs Youth Clubs
Womenfs Group
Each regionfs Community Centre

June 21st 1975: The first executive committee meeting is held.

Organisation of the executive committee
Executive departmentEEEThe staff of the Tourism Association is in @@@charge of public relations, compositions, choreography, costumes andmanaging each departments projects.

Finance departmentEEEThe staff of the Tourism Association and @@@@Commerce and Industry Department@are in charge of fund raising (subsidiary aids and contributions).

Operations departmentEEEThe Youth Group of the Commerce and Industry Department, the Womenfs Group and the Youth group are in charge of recruiting preforming members@and scheduling@@@@performances.

CompositionEEE Mr.Iwai Naohiro (Under exclusive contract with Toshiba Record)

ChoreographyEEMr.Asuka Ryou (Japanese folk song dancing league @@chairman)

InstructionEEE Mr.Hashimoto Kiyoshi (Myoko Junior high school music teacher)

From July 9th, 1975 two practices a week are held by Green Baboo to learn the basics of Taiko drumming and choreographies.

as a result of the aspirations of both the youth and other related people devoted to Myoko Highlands
and Mount Myoko and zealous in the creation and promotion of folk entertainment,

the Shumisen Taiko Ensemble came into existence.
The first stage performance on November 2nd, 1975 marked the birth of the Shumisen Taiko Ensemble
as a form of folk entertainment promoting Myoko Highland.

{Rەۑ@ aTON` aUPN̕@@@@{Rەۑ@ aUQN` VN̕

{Rەۑ@The origin of Shumisen Taiko@{Rەۑ

Shumisen ({R) also pronounced " Sumerug is interpreted to be Mount Myoko,
the birthplace of Buddhism and the symbol for the creation of the world in ancient India.
Other interpretations state Sumeru as the mountain in the centre of the world.

The four seasons of Mount Myoko, also called the Mount Fuji of Echigo, were weaved into Taiko rhythms
and the Ensemble playing them named Shumisen Taiko.


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